Rest in peace Nobel Yao


Didier wants to offer his sincere condolences to the family of Nobel Assamoi Yao, who was the first patient to be taken care of by the Didier Drogba Foundation. The young boy passed away from a terrible leukemia.

Nobel Assamoi Yao is gone. Since Didier saw the eight-years old bedridden in the Treichville Hospital after the Felix Houphouët Boigny Stadium tragedy in march 2009, he had taken care of him. The child suffered from leukemia but managed to remain "dignified and he fought the disease till the end", said an emotional Thierno Seydi, Didier's agent and deputy president of the Didier Drogba Foundation, who came to the funeral.

nobel3 Despite his willingness to come, it was impossible for Didier to go to Ivory Coast and pay a last tribute to Nobel. The boy's parents, alongside Thierno Seydi, brought his mortal remains to Abidjan. All the country was affected by Yao's story and stood by his family, while the Didier Drogba Foundation did what was necessary to hold a dignified funeral after the grief caused by his death. The young Nobel had been sent to Geneva, where he received much needed specialist medical treatment. And the Foundation wanted to thank "all the doctors and professors who took care of him during six months, added the deputy president. They did everything they can, sparing no efforts."

Nobel Yao was the symbol of Didier's involvement in his fight for the improvement of the sanitary conditions, especially for the children, and his passing away touched the Elephants' captain, and the people from the Foundation, deeply. But he's not going to back down and this tragedy increased even more his desire to go all the way and accomplish the project of his life: to build and fund a hospital in Abidjan, which could be ready before the end of 2011. And besides health, the Foundation aims mainly to provide financial and material support in education.

nobel3 Didier wants to thank all the people who expressed their solidarity during these tough times. He puts all his energy into the Didier Drogba Foundation and he hopes that it will still be supported by the most people possible. He expresses all his compassion and offers his sincere condolences to the family of Nobel Assamoi Yao, so that they could overcome this tragedy. Rest in peace, Nobel.